Replacement of the Cougar Throttle pot. (All resposibilities for the owner)

1a. Place the throttlebase on a piece of wood and the handle in de space of the Cougar box (If you still have it). Otherwise you can place the base on a table with the handle hanging loose under the table.

1b. You have to make sure the handle is free-moving. If not damage to the potmeter can be caused when screwing the base tight after the replacement.

This gives the least change of damage and of falling of the grip on the floor.


1c. Unscrew the 8 scews from the bottom. Leave them in the plate. Don't remove them!

2a. Place, if you don't have the original box, the Throttle on a soft cloth on a table.

2b. Unscrew the 8 scews from the bottom. Leave them in the plate. Don't remove them!

2c. 8 screw positions.

3. Lift the bottomplate from the base and place it aside.

Now you can see the guts of your throttle.

4. Remove the potentiometerconnector from the printed circuit board., by pulling on the connector.

5. Gently lift the throttle shaft until the potentiometer is out of its metal housing.

6. Gently pull the potentiometer outward out of the shaft.


7. Remove the old potentiometer with cable and lower the throttle shaft.

Remove the tape from the old potentiometer and place that on the new one. You can also use a new piece of tape. It is only there to give the potentiometer a tight fit.

Watch on the flatside on the potentiometeraxis when mounting the new one in the shaft.

8. Lift up the throttle shat and insert the potentiometeraxis in the shaft.


9. Lower the throttle shaft, carefully watching that the potentiometer slides into the metal base.

This should be the result.

10. Reconnect the potentiometer connector..

Put the bottomplate in place and tighten the 8 screws.