Modification of a Logitech G15 keyboard into a F16 PFD.

1. This is the G15 keyboard in its unmodified state. Please notice that turning it into a PFD will make it absolutely worthless as an input device and that I accept no responsability in any form for any damage caused by the modification.

2. Start with removing all the black screws on the back of the keyboard.

3. Turn the keyboard over and remove the black outer bezel.

4. Now carefully disconnect the flatcable from the display to the keyboard. Lift the black plate that surrounds the flatcable connector for about 0.75mm. After raising the plate you can remove the flatcable from the connector.

5. Now you have the upper part of the keyboard with the LCD display.

6. Remove the two rubber parts that cover the screws on the front side and remove the screw that holds the frictionbrake.

7. Turn the displayover and remove the two screws.

8. Now push in the two white plugs (one left and one right) and remove them on the backside.

9. Here you are, the display in its housing. Now remove the two screws.

10. Separate the housing and carefully lift out the display.

11. Now remove all the screws that hold the controller board. Disconnect all the cables.

12. Remove all the small silver screws that hold the upper keyboard plate.

13. Separate the upper part with the keys from the bottom part and lift out the controller board.

14. Connect the display to the controller board, plug the controller into your PC and check (hope) if everything still works.

15. Now it's up to you to implement the display and controller into your pit. Here you can see how I did it. I used a part of the original plastic display frame to glue into my right console, to function as a window for the display.

16. Front of the console before painting.

17. Everything functional.

18. And some leftovers :)