Modification of a Logitech Z10 speakerset into a F16 DED.

1. This is the z10 speakerset in its unmodified state. Please notice that turning it into a DED will make it absolutely worthless as a sound output device and that I accept no responsability in any form for any damage caused by the modification.

2. The most difficult part, removing the frontplate. The frontplate is mounted with doublesided tape. To remove the front, carefully place a fingernale between the front ant the frame. Now try to make a small opening by pulling on the front. When you have a small opening you can try to place more of your finger between the front and the housing. Keep pulling slowly and you will notice the front coming of. Be carefull not to brake the plastic, since you will need the buttons for the DED.

3. Now remove the screws and remove the front bezel. You can cut the wires to the speakers. Please pay attention to the cable going from the LCD screen to the pcb. You can remove the cable by carefully pushing the brown locking plate on the pcb connector 1mm upwards. The LCD cable will then come free from its socket. Now you have to remove the LCD display and the keyboard by first removing the hotmelt.

4. After removing the z10's guts this is what you need for the DED. The pcb, the LCD display and the touch-keyboerd. Please make sure you do all the work with the mains disconnected. On my pictures I have the power connected for testing purposes.

5. This is the main pcb. You can remove both amplifiers, the powersupply capacitor and the audio jack. Since you can best supply the DED with a separate 12V DC powersupply the capacitor can be safely removed. It is too high to fit the DED in its new housing.

6. Here you see the pcb with the parts removed. The red and bleu wire go to the 12V DC powersupplyconnector, mounted in the DED box.


8. Here all parts are connected for a final test. I have soldered a piece of USB wire (4 leads + shield) behind the USB connector on the pcb. The other side is connected to a USB-B pcb connector which is also mounted in the DED box. The cable is covered with hotmelt. Before you can solder the USB cable, you first have to remove the original sealing by pealing it of the pcb.

The touch-key keyboard is covered with the original keypad, which has been cut out of the frontpanel.

9. This is the complete assembly that goes into the DED box. You can see the little pcb with DC- and USB connector.


10. Here you can see everything mounted in the DED box. They keypad is mounted on the underside as the cover of an opening in the bottom of the box.

If everything still works this should be the result.

The layout of the DED box can be downloaded from this website in .dwg format.

11. And here is your working DED.